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Border Rambler volunteers
Our Border Rambler Volunteers

In July of 2014 a meeting was called by the County Council to the Parish Councils for anyone interested to come forward to help find a solution to the problem of subsidy withdrawals on bus services around our area. The subsidies were to be cut with immediate effect but the County Council Transport Team managed to delay the withdrawal by degrees.

That meeting saw the formation of a small number of interested parish councillors, those councillors met on a frequent basis to discuss ways forward. Initially the group had to discuss an area from Gilsland and Alston towards Brampton, and all villages south of the A69 to North of the A689 with links to include Brampton and Carlisle, something in the region of 9 routes. Some of these routes are being trialed by commercial companies and if they decide the routes aren’t viable we will endeavour to fill the gap.

Brampton Community Trust have provided us with an address and a place to meet. Of course we are only able to provide this service with the selfless help of our volunteers most of whom come from the areas affected by the cuts, but not all.

The project would fall flat without our volunteers, give them a pat on the back when you see them.